Technology has moved the world of smoking to higher levels, where it has revolutionized the traditional cigarettes to the modern electronic cigarettes. These are devices that are battery powered that resembles the ordinary cigarettes. The modern cigarette is fitted with cartridges that are filled with nicotine and a heating device to heat the nicotine fluid to vapor, which the smoker inhales. The electronic cigarettes give you an experience similar to that offered by an ordinary cigarettes stick, and the only difference is that the electronic cigarette is less harmful. There are a variety of advantages of an electronic cigarette over the traditional cigarette sticks.

Electronic cigarette does not produce smoke smell

The smoke emitted by the traditional cigarettes can be irritating to the people around you, that are why it’s recommended to use the electronic cigarette, and this will still offer a conducive environment to the people around you. The electronic cigarette is designed in a way that it doesn’t produce the irritating smoke smells which usually sticks to your hair and fingers. The nicotine liquid used in the electronic cigarettes can be flavored by strawberry or vanilla aromas. To gain more knowledge on the benefits of electronic cigarette, go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0pV8j81qX4U.

No ash

This is another big relief to most household owners. Traditional cigarettes used to produce ashes when you are smoking, the ash was associated with messing up the living room. With the electronic cigarette at http://smoko.com/, you need not worry again, and this cigarette produces no ash since it uses nicotine fluid which is electronically heated and converted into vapor which is inhaled, this gives no room for ash production.

Control the level of nicotine intake

To stop smoking is not an easy task, especially when you are an addict. Electronic cigarettes are the perfect choice to enable you to quit smoking. With the electronic cigarette, you can regulate the amount of nicotine that you want to consume. When you shift from the traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes, you are recommended to go for the nicotine level that you were used to, and then reduce the level of nicotine you are consuming then gradually.

Saves your money

At this hard economic time, you need to embrace the most pocket-friendly mode of smoking. Electronic cigarettes save your money compared to the traditional cigarettes sticks. Refilling a nicotine liquid cartridge of an electronic cigarette that can serve you for long, is far much cheaper than purchasing a packet of cigarette sticks that you can only smoke for few days. An electronic cigarette is believed to entitle you to up to 30% saving of the money you spend on cigarettes, learn more here!